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MFIII Vegetal Placenta (Switzerland)


-A set of 10 ampoules x 4ml (Normal Strenght)
-B set of 10 ampoules x 5ml (New 2009 Triple Strenght)

Stimulates your cells for younger looking you with plant placenta extractions 

MFIII Vegetal Placenta Injectibles is manufactured according to an unique process, using state-of-the art molecular fractionation technology. The process is performed at controlled temperature with sophisticated ultra filtration units to allow for the selection of specific molecules and to ensure the maintenance of their potency. The manufacturing steps are performed in accordance with the current provisions for Swiss Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) ensuring a very high quality product.

MFIII Vegetal Placenta Injectibles
The closely guarded Swiss MFIII Vegetal Placenta extraction method via ‘Cold Processing’ and the special manufacturing process, maintains the bio activeness of the Vegetal Placenta, unlike traditional or conventional methods.
The traditional method used in Asia required constant drying, grounding into powdered form and risked the collection of heavy metals while modern conventional methods of lyophilization with the application of strong vacuum suction pressure to squeeze water content damages the cell membrane of the placenta. Furthermore, pasteurization or sterilization methods with heat up to 125 C cause changes to the structure of the molecules and dramatically reduces the efficacy of the placentas.
MFIII VP Injectibles maintains the highest levels of bio activeness and also has the following key features: (See below for further explanation).
Supports Healthy MMP (see below for details) activity that enhances the metabolic activity of skin cells and proteins thus effectively reducing wrinkles, sagging and decreasing scar tissue.
Lightening or toning effects on skin pigmentation. This is made possible due to the existence of Glutathione (GSH) found in MFIII VP Injectibles.
Boosts your immune system, metabolism and helps detoxification which are naturally properties of GSH giving you a healthier, more beautiful and firm body. These provide amazing skin rejuvenation and anti aging benefits. In an internal physiological scientific study conducted on human volunteers, the cellular turn-over was measured by the DHA method or the disappearance of the skin’s artificial color allowing the measurement of the rate of exfoliation and coenocytes turn-over. After using the product diluted at 50% for 11 days, the cellular turn-over had been increased by a minimum of 26%.
MFIII VP Injectibles comes in sets of 10 vials (ampoules), 4 ml each and can be directly applied on the skin (particularly the face and neck area) or preferably injected intramuscularly or intravenously (one vial daily).
MFIII VP Injectibles is a composition that will work as anti-MMPs, consolidating the extra cellular matrix (ECM) and amino acids that are used to produce new proteins such as collagen in the very specific way skin is structured.

How To Take MFIII Vegetal Placenta Injectibles
Injection on the Gluteal (buttock) area with a thin needle should be given. There is NO overdosage so you can use any dosage without any risk. There are three ways to take MFIII Vegetal Placenta.

Optimum Package, Premium Package and Stand Package.

Optimum Package:
Take 10 vials of MFIII VP Injectibles every 6 months. This package will give you the best results and benefits of cell therapy injectible form. We highly recommend the Optimum Package because it will deliver your body the optimum placenta extracts dosage in the optimum period of time. Based on laboratory tests and many users’ experiences, the Optimum Package can deliver more results and benefits than from the Premium Package in less time.

Premium Package:
Take 5 vials of MFIII VP Injectibles every 6 months. This package will give you good results and benefits of cell therapy injectible form. We recommend the Premium Package because it will deliver your body the adequate placenta extracts dosage in the fair period of time. Based on laboratory tests and many users’ experiences, the Premium Package can deliver more results and benefits than from the Standard Package in less time.

Standard Package:
Take 2 vials of MFIII VP Injectibles every 6 months. This package will give you the basic results and benefits of cell therapy injectible form.
All three MFIII Injectible Packages are 6-months based. After one injectible usage all the beauty and health benefits can last for 12 months, but continuously taking MFIII VP Injectibles every 6 months will give you the best results.
The most recommended way is to take the Optimum Package every 6 months for as long as you like. By doing so you will enjoy long term beauty and health benefits and be free from cruel aging symptoms, diseases, weaknesses, or physical limitations for many years to come. More importantly, Because MFIII is essentially the best form of stem cell therapy, long term usage of the Optimum Package can help you achieve longevity and life extension by 10 – 30 years!


瑞士MFIII植物胎盘注射液是根据一个独特的制造工艺,采用先进设备,先进的分子分离技术。这个过程完成的超精密过滤装置与控制温度,以便对特定分子的选择,并确保其效力的维护。执行步骤的制造与瑞士按照良好生产规范(GMP)的质量非常高,保​​证了产品的现行规定。瑞士MFIII植物胎盘注射液在壁垒森严的瑞士瑞士MFIII植物胎盘通过'冷处理'的特殊制造工艺和提取方法,保持或常规方法不同于传统的植物性胎盘素,生物活性。传统的方法需要不断在亚洲使用的干燥,粉末状的接地和成冒着重金属的集合,而与强大的真空冷冻干燥吸入压力应用现代常规的方法来挤水分损害了胎盘细胞膜。此外,加热到125℃使更改的分子结构,大大巴氏杀菌或灭菌的方法降低了胎盘的疗效。瑞士MFIII副总裁注射液保持生物活性的最高水平,并具有以下主要特点:(进一步解释见下文)。支持健康基质金属蛋白酶(详见下文)活动,增强了皮肤细胞和蛋白质的代谢活动从而有效地减少皱纹,下垂,减少疤痕组织。减轻皮肤色素沉着或色调上的影响。这是由可能的,因为存在的谷胱甘肽(GSH)的发现在瑞士MFIII副总裁注射液。增强你的免疫系统,新陈代谢,并有助于排毒是自然属性的GSH给你一个更健康,更美丽和坚定的身体。这些惊人的提供皮肤再生和抗衰老的好处。在内部生理科学在人类志愿者身上进行的研究,细胞开启了由DHA的方法或皮肤的人造色素消失,使脱落率的测量和测量coenocytes投票结束。使用后在50%稀释为11天的产品,手机开通了已增加了26%以上。来自瑞士MFIII副总裁注射液在10瓶(安瓿),4毫升套,可直接在皮肤上(尤其是脸部和颈部)或最好肌肉注射或静脉注射(一小瓶每天)应用。瑞士MFIII副总裁注射液是一种成分,将工作作为抗蛋白酶,巩固细胞外基质(ECM)和氨基酸,用于生产新的蛋白质在非常具体的方式,如皮肤胶原蛋白的结构氨基酸。如何看待瑞士MFIII植物胎盘注射液上臀(臀部)的细针注射面积应。有否过量所以你可以使用任何剂量没有任何风险。有三种方法来利用瑞士MFIII植物胎盘。注射液:优化软件包,高级包装和架包。优化软件包:以瑞士MFIII副总裁注射液10瓶,每6个月。这项一揽子计划将给予您最好的结果和细胞治疗注射性形式的好处。我们强烈推荐最佳方案,因为它会提供您身体的最佳胎盘提取物在时间的最佳时期剂量。根据室内试验和许多用户的经验,可以提供最佳包封装在较短的时间更多的结果不是从保费及保障。高级套装:以瑞士MFIII副总裁注射液5瓶,每6个月。这个包会给你良好的业绩及细胞治疗注射性形式的好处。我们建议高级套装,因为它会提供你的身体足够的胎盘提取物在展览期间的时间量。根据室内试验和许多用户的经验,保费可提供包封装在较短的时间更多的结果比标准和利益。标准包装:以瑞士MFIII副总裁注射液2瓶,每6个月。这项一揽子计划将让您的基本成果和细胞治疗注射性形式的好处。所有这三个瑞士MFIII注射性软件包是6个月为基础。经过一年注射性使用所有的美丽和健康的好处可以持续12个月,但连续服用瑞士MFIII副总裁注射液每6个月会给你最好的结果。最推荐的方式是采取最佳包,只要每6个月只要你喜欢。这样,您将享受长期的美容和保健福利,并从残酷的衰老症状,疾病,弱点,或多年的物理限制是免费的。更重要的是瑞士MFIII本质上是干细胞疗法,长的最佳长期使用包可以帮助你实现了10延长寿命和生活的最好方式 - 30年!

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